Planning a perfect birthday party can be almost as much fun as blowing out the candles. If you’re willing to set aside some time to do some creative thinking and research, you can design a birthday party around any theme and make it a special occasion your guest of honor will never forget. For a few ways to plan the perfect birthday party event, read on.

Rent equipment to make it more memorable.


From carnival games and bounce houses to water slides and party tents, rental companies can offer many props and items to make your party one to remember. When planning the perfect birthday party, a great first step is to contact a party rental center near you. Maybe you live in New York and are looking to host a birthday party for your ten-year-old. A simple Google search for ‘bounce houses Long Island‘ could be a great first step in a bounce house rental that will make the difference between an ordinary party and one your child will remember.

Dunk tanks, photo booths, and even professional clowns are all easily accessible for anyone hoping to plan a memorable party in nearly every major city. Whether you’re looking for an inflatable bounce house from a rental company in your area, or you’re hoping to put on a birthday block party. You need extra tables, contacting a rental center is a great way to start planning the perfect birthday celebration.

Plan when it comes to storing memories.


After going to the trouble of planning the perfect birthday event, you’ll want to be able to look back on it. For this reason, it’s a good idea to have cameras on hand and to sign up for private cloud hosting where you can store the videos and photos you take on a special day. Consider asking guests to upload their photos to the private cloud, too. In doing this on the day of your event, you’ll be able to look back on the memories in the years to come.

Many people enjoy using private clouds to store a lifetime of memories. Maybe you have an infant and could begin this tradition and more now. With videos of every birthday party, you could eventually create a digital home movie to give to your child as an adult.

Dress for a theme.


Parties become even more fun when you use a theme for everything from party rentals and decorations to costumes and accessories. For the best party possible, consider ways you and your guests can dress up to match your pre-selected theme. For example, for a child’s birthday, you could ask guests to dress as their favorite characters. Maybe your partner loves Halloween. It doesn’t have to be the fall season for you to host a birthday party centered around Halloween.

While planning your party, take some time to shop for magnetic lash extensions, formal wear, costumes, or pajamas if you’re going for a slumber party theme that will add to the overall mood of the party. Not only will this make for funnier pictures, but it will also serve as a great conversation piece to get guests in the right mood for your birthday party. Even something as simple as having everyone dresses in your guest of honor’s favorite color could be a lot of fun.

Encourage guests to put their own spin on your event.


A party wouldn’t be a lot of fun to play by yourself. Instead, consider asking your guests to get involved. Think of ways your guests could participate in your upcoming party. Maybe you have an aunt who makes the best cakes around. Perhaps you have a sister who works in party rentals. Maybe you have a brother who has a part-time gig as a clown. Asking friends and family to help make the party extra special is a great way to save money and help them feel more included.

Especially if you’re planning a surprise birthday party, you’ll need help with keeping the guest of honor distracted. To plan the best party, ask friends and family what your guest of honor might want. You might be surprised to hear the ideas of others who know or value your loved one in a different context. For example, a co-worker might know something about your own spouse that wouldn’t have occurred to you to think about. Using ideas from others who’ve shared different experiences with your loved one could be a great way to surprise the birthday person and even yourself.

In the end, by putting time and attention toward the little details and building your party around a theme, you’ll be nearly guaranteed to host the type of party your guests will be talking about for years. Whether you opt for backyard party tents and a cotton candy machine or no rental items at all, your attention to detail in planning will ensure a great experience for the birthday boy or girl and guests as well—happy planning to you. Don’t forget your camera.