You might have recently bought a new home and are looking to add some quirky features. Or, maybe you’re looking to refresh an old home that exhibits a certain character you want to keep. Regardless of the reason, your home doesn’t have to undergo a total makeover, as a minor home remodeling is a good idea. Adding a few cool features here and there might suffice to bring the change you’re after. Continue reading for some creative tips to transform your simple home into a work of art.

Add an entertainment corner.


Want your home to feel more exciting for both you and your guests? Try turning a portion of your home into an entertainment corner. The space doesn’t have to be enormous but should be large enough to accommodate you and your family so you can unwind, play games and enjoy great snacks while reminiscing about your day.

The entertainment corner can be within a portion of your living room, or your basement if you have one. Some elements to include in your entertainment nook include darts and a dartboard, a game console, a mini pub or bar filled with varying drinks, a pool table, decks of different card games, and many more game room essentials.

Also, don’t forget to include a board where all players’ scores for the different tournaments are written to make your competitions more exciting.

Add a walk-in tub in the bathroom.

When many people think of a home remodel, they tend to focus on the living room, kitchen, or bedroom. We often forget that the bathroom is a space we spend long hours in during the day and, sometimes, at night. To have the best bathing experience, a walk in tub installation is a good idea.

There are many models of tubs out there, some of which come with hydrotherapy jets, adjustable water jets, aromatherapy systems, and special showerheads with different spray levels. You can also include accessible tubs in your bathroom design if you’re looking to provide your guests with a universal design.

Redesigning your bathroom will also involve working on your drainage system, which will solve any drainage problems and remove all mold and mildew, making your bathing time more exceptional. Besides changing your traditional tubs, you can spruce up the bathroom decor by including some fake plants, compartmentalized trays for your soaps, and other toilet essentials.

Add some eco-friendly features.

Every remodeling project is a chance for you to make your home greener. Building up the eco-credentials of your building doesn’t have to consume a lot of resources: It only requires detailed planning and lots of research. Some ways to go ecological include adding plenty of insulation to your floors and walls, replacing all old weatherboarding with corrugated metal, and using double-glazed windows in place of your old windows. These are simple changes, but they go a long way to make your home more comfortable while reducing your heating and electricity bills in the long run.

Add some built-in furniture.


If you have many awkward spaces in your home, you might want to build some furniture for additional storage. For clarity, awkward spaces mean those spaces that aren’t square or have a fixed shape. Examples of such spaces include those with sloping ceilings and uneven walls. These rooms are unique in their way, but finding furniture for them might prove to be extremely difficult, which is why we recommend built-in furniture like bunk beds with storage underneath, which works well for them.

All in all, these ingenious and creative tips are guaranteed to transform your simple home into a work of art.