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About Us

Remixtures is a team of seasoned designers and writers who specialize in interior design, renovations, DIY trends and styles. with new articles and stories. Whether you would like to feng shui your home, take on a major DIY project, feel more confident in your styling abilities, enhance your aesthetic knowledge, transform your space, or just find more balance and joy in your home and life, we have you covered with the latest tips and resources to help you get there.

Pick up quick tips on everything from hosting a successful home event, ways to increase the value of your home, advice on running your own interior design business, and more. We partner with industry professionals to curate content that will help reinvent your style.

Remixtures is the perfect place to call home.

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Hi, I’m Jacinda Hatfield

I am an interior design coach, DIY enthusiast, and founder of Remixtures.

Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, I am a self-proclaimed “city girl” with a permanent love affair with country living. Desperate for a creative lifestyle in a land flourishing with mountains and snow, I have dabbled in pretty much every home & design related career known – from interior photography and design, to real estate and construction project management. I even recently graduated from carpentry training school! Adhering to the motto “Bloom Where You Are Planted” I continue to serial-preneu my way through life on a mission to prove that you can curate a life and a home you love, no matter where you live.

I founded Remixtures four years ago in 2018, as a place to support my readers in redesigning their spaces and lives. When I started Remixtures, I was doing design consulting on the side, and I became more deeply involved in the theme of how our physical spaces affect our personal wellness. I began focusing all of my efforts on building the most knowledgable and talented team to help guide you on your journey of redesign and real estate. I founded Remixtures as a trusted space to provide content that really matters. Thank you for making us a part of your aesthetic journey.


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Our Team

Remixtures was founded because we want to share our expertise and opinions on style and design with our readers. In these past four years, Remixtures has grown from a small personal online blog into a reliable  source of daily style and design inspiration. Remixtures is run by a small but mighty team of like-minded people, who all share the same passion for design, style, and connection. We are a team of designers, writers, stylists, and storytellers with a diverse variety of backgrounds, expertise, and styles. We write the articles about design, style, and life that we would want to read. 

We want our site to be filled with approachable ideas, good dialogue,  and entertaining articles and guides supported by an engaging team that empowers our readers to make their own spaces reflect them. The only thing we love more than design and style is our community. And we’re honored and overjoyed that you’re spending your time with us. Stay awhile.