According to Statista, U.S. companies spent over 200 billion dollars on advertisement last year. Even though the pandemic stifled brand awareness, the total spending for most companies is likely to go up by the end of 2021. Why do brands keep creating one ad campaign after the other? What’s with all the thirst for higher numbers in page likes and page views? What influences the performance of an ad? No doubt, advertising is a great way to reach new audiences and retain existing ones. However, some ads are more effective than others. On that note, here are a few essential tips to make a successful ad.

Target Relatability


In most marketing campaigns, the aim is always to research the target audience. You can’t reach a potential customer as a marketer if you don’t understand their strengths, attributes, and peculiar needs. Defining the behaviors and traits of new audiences is an important thing in advertising. Several ways exist to define a prospective client. It’s easy to think your closest competitor’s client characteristics can match yours. But even two different brands with the same offering may see significant differences in their customer bases.

For instance, at a glance, you’ll think all watch aficionados in America would be satisfied with just any luxury brand. But presenting a Patek Philippe watch to a Grand Seiko watch market might not bring the best results. At the heart of marketers dishing out successful ads is an obsession to target the right people of a well-defined audience network. For the most part, advertising to the wrong audience will cost you more than publishing an ineffective new ad. Target market reliability is a good way for ads to meet their ROI objectives and key performance indicators.

Incremental Results

Analytics has become increasingly essential as businesses set out to produce evergreen campaigns instead of one-off results with a short shelf life. Today, several channels and resources exist for an advertiser to reach a campaign goal faster. With enough data, these tools can help determine how your ad is faring on the competitive landscape.

Some of these tools, like the Facebook ads audit feature, are channel-specific. Others can track campaign results from multiple platforms, including your Instagram’s product page and Shopify store. Multichannel analytics platforms work best for brands serving different campaigns in a given time.

Effective Call to Action

Being straightforward is an essential hallmark of successful ads. Featuring keywords that lead to a buy is beneficial compared to buzz words. If you’re making a blog post to advertise an event to your website visitors, it’s important to have a clear headline that influences them to purchase events. It’s called a call to action. It can be essential for all audience types and ad formats. For many brands, the default campaign structure is to call for action immediately after the value proposition.

Sense of Urgency

The internet has given marketers and brands a lot of things but not time. The online world is an overly competitive landscape. Facebook sees 4 billion posts a day. And unless you’re putting in a sponsored advertising budget, the last thing to expect from Facebook’s algorithm is free impressions. Effective ad campaigns require the highest levels of precision. A common mistake most advertisers make is to stuff many words in the body copy when creating campaigns. It’s a good practice to review your campaign message thoroughly before publishing. Treating an ad campaign with optimum urgency can boost its relevance score.

Breathtaking Visuals


In advertising, a visual could be worth more than a thousand words. And as you’ll hear many marketing experts say from time to time, “less is always more.” For every ad placement to obtain better results, it’s essential to prioritize new design elements and a variety of styles to make your ad stand out. As a marketing rule of thumb, customers will grow fond of you when they constantly see your brand in all the right places. Most often, this is why many companies dedicate huge sums to advertising budgets and efforts.