As a suburb of Birmingham, Alabama, Mountain Brook offers a quiet getaway from the city’s hustle and bustle while still allowing easy access to Birmingham’s top tourist destinations. Mountain Brook is considered one of Alabama’s most affluent suburbs, but despite its prestige, it has a charming and cozy small-town vibe. 

Despite its size, (about 20,000 people live in this quaint mountainside community), it still boasts an impressive shopping and dining scene. So if you are visiting Mountain Brook for the first time, check off these places to ensure your stay is worthwhile. 

Visit Animals At The Birmingham Zoo

Given its close proximity to Birmingham, spend the day at one of the city’s popular attractions — the zoo! With more than 230 different species of animals, including many who are endangered, the Birmingham Zoo offers an educational and fun family-friendly experience. Talks and exhibits about the various species are offered throughout the year. And daily activities allow you to get up close and personal with the animals like the Goat Walk, Sea Lion Training, and Lion Training. 

Hike Along The Cahaba River 

If you feel like getting into nature, explore the Cahaba River. Just a few miles from Mountain Brook, this natural reserve offers a plethora of hiking trails and swimming holes along the river’s banks. Taking a boat ride or kayaking are also popular activities for visitors. 

Explore Vulcan Park And Museum

The statue of Vulcan, the Roman god of fire and forge, stands tall over Birmingham symbolizing the city’s roots. Deemed the “Original Iron Man,” Vulcan stands at 56 feet tall on top of Red Mountain and is made from 100,000 pounds of iron. Touring the park and museum offers amazing views of the Birmingham area and an opportunity to learn about the city’s industrial past.  

Relax At The Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Spread across more than 67 acres and roughly two miles away, a drive to these gardens offers the perfect day trip from Mountain Brook. The Birmingham Botanical Gardens are divided into three main sections: the Gardens of Nature, the Gardens of Culture, and the Gardens of Collections. More than 30 gardens are in each section ranging from flower gardens, like two dedicated solely to rhododendrons, to vegetable and herb gardens. 

Stroll Through Jemison Park

The trails in Jemison Park are a local favorite. If you are in the mood for a picnic or casual nature walk, this is the place. Jemison Park is great for walking your dog or doing some bird watching. Native plants and animals like owls, hawks, foxes, and raccoons also inhabit the area. The paved walking trail makes it easy and accessible for anyone and parking spaces are conveniently located on Mountain Brook Parkway nearby. The park is named after Robert Jemison Jr., an American politician who served as an Alabama state senator and senator in the Confederate Congress in the 1800s. 

…And Of Course, Remember To Be Safe!

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