So, you’re planning a big move to Orlando, Florida. Moving to the Sunshine State offers plenty of benefits, from entertainment to world-renowned theme parks to excellent taxes. Whatever your reasons for choosing Orlando as your next home, you’ve got quite the task ahead when moving to a new city. Of course, moving is a hassle no matter what. However, it can be even more challenging to move to another state. That’s why we’ve compiled these tips to make your move a bit easier.

Find the proper storage solution to make moving into your new house easier.


You’ll need somewhere to store your things when moving to Orlando as you gradually move into your new place. Storing your belongings is even more critical if you’re moving from a location that’s far away from Florida. After you finally have your stuff in Orlando, you’re not going to feel like carrying it all inside and unpacking at once. A long trip over the road can take a toll on anyone.

So, it’s best to move your belongings in slowly and unpack over time. But you don’t want boxes piling up your new pad, so the best solution is to store them in one of the self-storage facilities in Orlando, Florida. These storage centers provide affordable, convenient storage solutions to take your time unpacking without bulking up your space.

Consider making a move in the early spring.


When planning out a move, you should always keep the time you move in mind. Florida is situated right between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, meaning the chance of inclement weather is much higher here. As a result, if you don’t plan when you choose to move, you could risk getting caught in the rain or storms while you’re in the middle of moving your things into your new home. If you choose to move during the early spring, you can significantly reduce the chance of moving in bad weather.

Decide what neighborhood you want to live in before house shopping.


If you’ve decided to move to Orlando and haven’t bought a place yet, there are many things to consider. Don’t just take the price of your potential home picks into consideration. It would be best to choose a neighborhood that suits you and find a place from there.

For example, College Park may be your best choice if you want to live in a busy area with plenty to do. The area is near downtown and filled with numerous businesses, top-rated restaurants, and spas. If you’re looking for a neighborhood on the rise, Mills 50 may be your best bet. The area is affordable, with many new businesses, such as yoga studios, new restaurants, and a thriving local art community. The Lake Eola Heights Historic District is packed with historic architecture, from Mediterranean revival to art deco for those more interested in a historical area. Finally, if vibrant street art, a bustling nightlife, and superb soul food are your niche, shop for a home in Parramore.

Don’t forget to prepare for the technical stuff.


Relocating to a new city or state always requires a certain level of preparation. Therefore, before you get caught up in the excitement of moving to beautiful Orlando, take care of your business first. Remember to have your car registered in Florida and apply for a Florida state driver’s license. Furthermore, you should update your insurance policy, which can benefit you as you may find a cheaper rate in the process. Finally, remember to set a budget for your move. The last thing you want is to spend too much money moving and be left scraping by in an unfamiliar city. For this reason, it’s best to find as many ways to save as you can, even if it means skipping out on those professional movers.

Get ready to move to the big city.

With these tips, your move to Orlando should be a breeze. Remember to find a storage center, move in the spring, find the neighborhood for you, and prep those technical items on your list.