After living in your apartment for an extended period of time, it’s no surprise that you may have a strong urge to redecorate. As most homeowners know, renovating or refurbishing your apartment’s structure, layout or interior design doesn’t come cheap. Just think back about how exciting, yet time-consuming and costly it was to decorate the first time? However, there’s still a way around all this to give you the fresh look you’re looking for.

Instead of pushing away the urge to redecorate, there are several quick ways you can freshen up your space without breaking the bank. Below are a few tips you can use to implement your plans and show off your revamped, stylish apartment in no time.

Redecorate your furniture.


A quick and affordable way of giving your apartment a new style is by swapping out old fabrics for new ones. You can get new covers for your lampshade, throw pillows, and couches to give them a new look in minutes. Be sure to keep the old ones in case you may want to reuse them when the urge to redesign comes back again.

Also, reposition furniture, such as your bed or dishwasher, or mix and match them to create a fresh style. But before you undertake any project in your apartment, be sure to seek any necessary permissions, particularly if you’re not the legal owner. Are you short on time or lack creativity for interior design? You’d be glad to know that several real estate companies such as Hello Landing provide their tenants with well-decorated, fully furnished apartments where everything is already done for you.

HelloLanding offers furnished apartments in cities across the United States. Whether for long-term or short-term rentals, their furnished apartments in Dallas, and other parts of the country, are fully equipped with top-tier furnishings, ready-stocked basics, flexible leases as well as a 24/7 concierge service.

Make a statement wall.

A feature or statement wall is powerful enough to transform the ambiance in the space it’s located. You can turn an empty wall of your living room into a statement wall in your apartment, making it the focal point when guests enter your home. There are many ways to turn a plain old wall into a statement. You can place removable wallpaper containing interesting and intriguing prints onto your wall. You can also paint the wall in a different color or pattern from the rest of the room. To add more artistic flair, line your statement wall with various paintings, modern art, canvas paintings, and so on. Online stores such as Shutterfly are stocked with items to make your statement wall, leaving a lasting impression.

Shutterfly allows you to design your cards, invitations, photo books, canvas wall art, and so much more. They offer chic and stylish collections with quality service at an affordable price. You can easily make a custom canvas print for your home and are assured they’d deliver it quickly and securely.

Ask for hand-me-downs.

Just as you want to decorate, chances are some of your friends and family might want to do the same. Or, they may want to get rid of some decor items they have lying around. Instead of going to the shop and spending hours and dollars on decor items, you can simply ask your friends and family about their old pieces.

Perhaps your parent’s old ceramic vase would fit perfectly into your new design. Or maybe your grandmother’s old clock would complete the antique style you’re trying to achieve. Whenever the opportunity comes to go through some old furniture pieces, don’t hesitate. You never know what you might find to give your space the new style it needs.

Redecorating your apartment with these tips would ensure that you achieve the design you want quickly and at little to no cost. You can also check out DIY home decor ideas to create a truly exceptional environment in your home.