Investing is all about your baseline knowledge. Learning the rules of the game is an essential first step when approaching any new market, but truly, learning to apply the rules to your own purposes is the best way to grow into any trading environment. This lesson remains true for starting an import/export business as well as trading on the cryptocurrency or real estate market.

Learning to leverage these investment basics will help you continue to grow your portfolio over the long term in order to enjoy the wealth that comes along with success in any market that you identify for your investment opportunities.

Understand collateral.


Collateral is a winner for millions of investment profiles in the United States and abroad. The use of collateral for creating additional purchasing power is something that more and more investors are learning to leverage in their retail investments and to great effect. Whether you focus on real estate or gold bullion, your investments can be used to create additional purchasing power through a collateral loan.

Borrowing to buy additional properties or for making upgrades in a home that you’re using to generate rental income is a typical maneuver in today’s real estate market, but leveraging your existing assets to lower the interest rate you’re on the hook to repay can save you a ton of money—perhaps even tens of thousands of dollars over the life of the loan. Collateral is the best friend of a real estate investor, and learning to create a portfolio that you can draw hard money loans from is a great way to circumvent the greatest drain on returns that many of the portfolios suffer from.

Lean on funds for strong lifetime performance.


Funds provide a robust return for millions of investors. Whether you prefer REITs – Real Estate Investment Trusts – or tech indices, relying on a mutual fund or index fund to underpin strength for your overall portfolio is a great way to capitalize on the risks that you’ll need to take in order to create real wealth for the future.

A great place to begin is with a Yieldstreet fund. Looking into a Yieldstreet review or two will help you identify which Yieldstreet fund (like the Prism Fund, for instance) best suits your needs. The platform is an alternative investment fund that can help you diversify your portfolio with unique real estate holdings, artwork, and even commodities like fine wine or antique cars. A trust of this nature can give you access to a unique stream of returns that bests many of the traditional funds on the market, and with a low correlation to the stock market itself, giving you a strong hedge against short term devaluation.

Tack on unique asset classes like Bitcoin or Ethereum.


Purchasing Ethereum with a credit card has become a major investment strategy for many investors looking to branch into the cryptocurrency market. Cryptocurrencies offer a unique growth pattern that simply can’t be matched by any other investment asset class. Bitcoin, for instance, has doubled its pricing over the last month—and then lost a quarter of its value in short order. The rapid fluctuation that rises into the double digits, percentage-wise, offers a savvy investor the ability to make a ludicrous gain in their initial buy-in but only with a strong commitment to continuous research and targeted buys into and out of the market.

Cryptocurrencies have been growing in popularity since the introduction of Bitcoin in 2009. Indeed, the relevance of this decentralized matrix has buoyed the commodity’s price for much of its history; Google Drive is based primarily on this type of decentralization and was only made possible with the proof of concept for the Bitcoin structure. No matter how you slice it, cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Litecoin, and others are here to stay and represent a robust marketplace for outrageous growth opportunities.

Structure your investments with the help of intense research.


Research is the key to making smart investments, no matter the market you chose to call home. A dedication to understanding—like when you begin Googling ‘whose number is this’ to identify a scam caller before answering—is the backbone of a strong investment strategy. This is particularly true for riskier investment opportunities that show wild pricing fluctuations (like cryptocurrencies). With the help of strong market metrics, you can identify favorable times to purchase stock, real estate, or Ethereum in order to cash in on a price upswing rather than hold onto a commodity as it dips.

The current marketplace, beaten down by continued poor economic performance across the world as a result of Covid-19 lockdowns, shows a unique resilience as well as the volatility that is required to make major gains in any marketplace. Rely on your data and insights in order to identify the best possible times and types for investments, and you’ll always see a great performance that builds wealth for your future.