If you’re looking to sell your home, figuring out how to stage it properly is an important part of the process. Some people believe having empty rooms in a house makes it look larger, but most real estate experts agree that homes tend to sell quicker and at a higher value when staged with tasteful rental furniture. For most people though, taking your home from bare to furnished for a home staging can be incredibly overwhelming and finding a trustworthy professional can be difficult. If you’re looking for some basic information and a few tips on where to start, you’re in the right spot.

Why should you stage your home?

The reality of the market, according to most real estate agents, is that staged homes sell faster, and for a higher price. One of the top real estate agents in North Carolina, Chris Pappalardo, recommends staging in any home that he believes buyers will have difficulty imagining themselves in. According to the National Association of Realtors, 77% of buyers say staging helps them see a house as a future home. The idea is to keep things clean enough so as not to be distracting, but homey enough for potential buyers to be able to imagine themselves in the space.


What kind of furniture do you need to rent?

It can be hard to know where to start or what to prioritize if you’re not familiar with home staging. One rule that most recommend is sticking to neutral furniture. You want to show the function of the room and allow buyers to visualize themselves in the room, not distract them with loud furniture and noisy patterns that may not be appealing to everyone. Bedrooms especially shouldn’t be done in any particular style, it’s a personal space and people like to imagine how they would decorate it. People also often forget that furniture isn’t just for indoors. If you have outdoor space, some patio furniture is highly recommended. Keep it simple, clean, and open in order to strike a balance between showing off your home’s space and still allowing the buyer to project their vision onto it.

So, where can you rent furniture?

Finding the right pieces to stage your home without spending too much money is one of the biggest challenges. Many people use staging companies that specialize in renting furniture and will charge a flat fee that allows you to choose a set number of pieces from their collection to use. Other rental furniture stores and companies charge for each individual piece of furniture. Rent-to-own furniture stores are not a good option for home staging because of the contracts that purchase requires, they are primarily interested in selling. Consignment stores and furniture warehouses will often let you rent pieces directly, though they often have a minimum rental period which may be longer than you need. There are also national chains that offer furniture specifically for staging. If you’re planning to rent furniture on your own, make sure you understand your options and compare prices before you proceed.

Should you hire a professional?

As you can see, there is a lot that goes into staging a home well, and the expense can be considerable if you’re not careful. There are many professionals who will stage your home for you. It might be worth it to consider a professional home stager, who would be able to handle finding vendors and selecting pieces that fit your home for you. If you’re worried about the cost, stagers actually can save money. Still, many owners prefer to handle staging themselves, so you have to choose what’s right for you.


How you want to stage your home is a personal choice, but one that’s important to make carefully if you want to sell your home at the highest possible price. If you’re willing to put in the effort to find affordable rental furniture, you can fill the space on a budget however you’d prefer. There are plenty of ways to rent furniture, from consignment stores to furniture warehouses to national rental chains, and finding the right option for you depends heavily on your budget and timeline. If you find yourself overwhelmed, you can always look into hiring a professional stager, which can actually save you money in some cases. Whatever you decide, renting furniture to stage your home properly is a smart investment for the savvy homeowner looking to sell.