If you’re looking to make a big move, there’s a lot to think about. Before you get frazzled, just relax. You’ve got this. Once you’ve found the new home of your dreams and put down your deposit, the first step is done. Now, you need to move on to the next step, which may cause a bit more stress: listing and selling your home.

If you want to sell your home fast, you’ll want to make everything look beautiful, homey, and move-in ready for potential buyers. Feeling at a loss when it comes to prepping your house for sale? Here are some of the best tips for sellers who want their homes to look ready for new occupants.

Take care of the exterior of your home to promote curb appeal.

One of the big goals to tackle before your home is ready to sell is to take care of the exterior. You want your house to look attractive from the sidewalk so that passersby are compelled to learn more. This could include hiring a pressure washing service to do a pressure washing of your driveway, patio, or fences. Find an experienced pressure washing service in Greensboro, NC by searching for “pressure washing Greensboro NC.” You’ll be met with search results of experienced companies who deliver great customer service and do a great job cleaning the grime from walkways, porches, and even offer gutter cleaning and window cleaning for the ultimate curb appeal cleaning package.


Get your home staged by professionals.

One way to help buyers picture themselves living their everyday lives in your home is to get your houseĀ staged. Professional stagers will bring in new furniture and decor and style each room in your home to make it feel lived-in and make it look amazing. Getting your home staged makes an excellent first impression for potential buyers walking through your home. Plus, placing furniture and other items in your home can help make sense of confusing floor plans and can help segment out large open-concept floor plans. Find a home stager in your area known for doing a good job creating homey, cozy house stages that compel homebuyers to sign.


Remove your personal touches and store them in a self-storage unit until you move.

In the same vein as getting your home staged, you’ll want to remove your personal items from your home before showing it to new buyers. While the popsicle stick picture frames made by your niece and the gallery wall of your family photos along the stairs may make you happy and create a certain kind of charm in your home, they do very little to help potential buyers picture themselves in the space. To help your buyers feel like the home is special just for them, remove the personal or family touches and place them inĀ USSelfStorage, a storage facility with units at an affordable price. They also have temperature control options. You’ll receive excellent service and help to find the perfect storage unit for your heirlooms, valuables, and personal treasures.


Set a fair price to attract more buyers.

One of the best ways to attract more buyers and get them into your house for tours is to set your asking price at a fair price. Setting a fair price for your home shows that you’re serious about selling and serious about moving. Plus, you may be less likely to receive lowball offers from nonserious buyers. If you need help figuring out what your home is valued at, it’s likely you can get a free estimate from a realty company in your area or from a third-party appraiser.