As a real estate owner, you should prioritize securing your commercial property. Although your core competencies may not include property management and security, it doesn’t make them any less essential for business success. In recent years, many enterprises are prioritizing security, so it’s no longer just an afterthought. In fact, it’s an absolute necessity since it represents the difference between successful and failed businesses.

Therefore, it would help if you had the right software, tools, and equipment in place, such as infrared LEDs, and dome security cameras for outdoor use. Thankfully, creating an effective action plan shouldn’t be difficult, as the insightful tips below will help you develop a robust strategy for protecting your commercial real estate property.

Security Preparation


Adding security to your real estate begins with a good plan, which involves three essential steps; asset identification, risk assessment, and threat analysis. Asset identification starts by determining precisely what you need to protect, whether it’s an office building, apartment complex, intellectual property, employees, and inventory. It requires recognizing your business assets and their relative value for the organization. For a home improvement business, you need a more compelling business security framework to cover the power tools crucial for your success. Threat analysis helps appreciate any vulnerabilities in your business property and the type of personal injuries associated with them. These steps begin right from the start when you first acquire your property. Firms like McBride & Ceballos can be helpful if you’re considering investing in commercial real estate.

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Commercial Property Security Procedures

What good is a security plan and equipment if they’re not implemented? In an ideal world, every staff member should be happy and trustworthy. Unfortunately, that’s not the situation in many cases. While you’d prefer not to overburden workers with tedious systems or inconveniences, ensuring reasonable asset access control is an essential component of a decent commercial property security strategy. If you’re a property owner or leasing the building in which your business is located, you’re responsible for the safety of everybody who enters the building, including staff, customers, suppliers, and to some extent, trespassers who may have limited protection. A severe accident or other workplace injuries can lead to a negligence lawsuit. Thankfully, if you’re in the Chicago area, you can count on services such as WINInjury Network to help you with a personal injury lawyer in Illinois during such situations.

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Specialist Security Equipment

With a solid plan in place, you can now acquire and install the appropriate security software and systems. Your real estate security begins from the far-reaching ends of the property and may include secure parking lot security, lighting, and perhaps fencing. Moreover, video surveillance can help deter criminals and prevent stealing, especially in a warehouse setting. Fortunately, various options are available, yet the type of property is critical in determining the kind of camera most suitable. Whether it’s for residential real estate or commercial real estate, the best approach is to consult a reputable security company to analyze the property for the best recommendation on your security system deployment. If you’re torn between using a dome camera or a bullet camera, Verkada has provided a resource on dome vs bullet camera to help settle on the right choice.

Verkada assembles the latest security solutions, for example, surveillance cameras like CCTVs, dome, turret and bullet cameras, and many others that help enterprises and individuals run more intelligent and secure structures, commercial property, or apartment complexes. The company is among the leading modern security system providers, offering real-time cloud-based control that seamlessly incorporates video security for enhanced visibility across various property types. Verkada uses AI-powered analytics, automatic system updates, and proactive alerts for leading industries globally.

Always be prepared for the worst.

It’s best to avoid leaving yourself exposed to attacks and further damages by performing a detailed inventory check to monitor equipment and take photos of your belongings. If there’s a break-in or property damage, act immediately and reach out to every relevant party. If you have insurance coverage over your property, you can likewise contact your insurance company directly. Consider replacing your existing system if thieves and unsuspecting individuals know the loopholes in your security systems.

If you’re a property manager or a commercial real estate investor, it’s vital to implement the necessary measures to protect your commercial property, and when it’s done correctly, it can eliminate multiple risks. A good real estate security plan should be sufficient to quickly get you up and running after an incident.