Homeowners stuck inside during the spread of the coronavirus are likely beginning to seriously consider their options for home improvement projects. Upgrading the home is a massive part of American life nowadays, with total spending of over $400 billion on housing upgrades every year according to one Harvard study. This is only going to grow as we all have discovered the importance of maintaining a home that feels fantastic to spend time in. Thankfully, many upgrades that you can do on your home are quite straightforward and can be installed quickly, so you can get back to your routine and enjoy the new spaces without delay. Here is a list of home additions that increase value.

A fresh coat of paint.

Painting your home either inside, outside, or both can radically transform the energy of your house. Often, a paint job can be accomplished over a long weekend — or two — if the areas are fairly expansive. A new coat of paint can also increase the selling price of a home by thousands of dollars, making this a great option as an upgrade for those considering a move in the near future. Painting can be a fun family activity as well. Moving furniture, laying down drop cloths, and picking a new color to change the walls doesn’t have to be all work and no play.

Flooring upgrades make for a luxury home.

Ripping out that old carpet and putting down a hardwood floor is a great way to increase your home’s comfort level and its overall price tag. Homebuyers love a hardwood floor. They hold up for years and can really shine if you take great care of it. Cleaning is easy, and there is nothing more stylish than a hardwood floor complete with area rugs to round out the home in style. Floors set the tone for a room’s overall vibe, so building from a firm foundation that homeowners salivate over is a great choice.

Overhead considerations to ponder.

Replacing your roof with a trusted Denver roofer is another important upgrade a homeowner can make in order to increase value. Your roof has a lifetime of about 20 years, which can be lengthened with good maintenance habits or shortened unexpectedly by inclement weather or a poor cleaning routine. No matter what, your roof will eventually fail, so keeping an eye on its state is essential for a homeowner in order to ensure that your belongings are always kept safe from the elements that a high-quality new roof is designed to keep out. A roofing project, from roof repairs to a totally new shingle roof, doesn’t typically take very long, and the whole process can often be done while you are still living in the home — instead of requiring a few nights’ stays at a hotel like some other, more invasive projects that you could undertake.

Another great option for overhead coverage is to search for an example of a Chicago retractable awning company to install retractable patio coverings or a firm pergola in your back yard. Extending the living space to include a completed patio deck can increase your home’s value to you as its occupant and a prospective future buyer in a heartbeat. The ability to relax outdoors is a fantastic stress reliever and the open air of a cooling fall evening is simply unbeatable for comfort. Finding a professional contractor with years of experience in the industry should be a top priority. Skimping on a roofing job — or any other for that matter — will only cost you in the long run as you have to live with or pay to fix sloppy workmanship down the line.

If you are considering upgrades to your home this year, think of your own comfort. Following your own instincts is a great way to increase your home’s value as well as its feeling of home for you and your family.