Your business’s location can affect its success. Physical locations should be visually appealing, accessible, and appropriate for the store’s focus. Changes in the community could prompt you to relocate. For example, a children’s toy shop might not want to be surrounded by sex shops, vape cafes, and liquor stores. You may also need to move to a larger location if your business is growing. Rent increases and regulations could also prompt you to move your shop.

Fortunately, you can take steps to simplify the process of moving your established store. Use these tips to ensure your move goes smoothly and your business capitalizes on the relocation process.

Choose a great new location.

Once you realize you need to relocate, spend time determining your shop’s crucial needs. Identify the most significant complaints consumers had about your current location, and look for a business site that addresses those issues. You might concentrate on finding a storefront with a parking lot or search for a location near your consumer base.

Create a priority list of crucial factors to consider when selecting a business location and reference it when you tour potential facilities. This can help you secure the best possible location for your business and customers.

Hire professional movers.

Whether you’re moving a few blocks away or relocating from Bethesda to Rockville, you must hire professional movers. Moving is a huge task, and it can be time-consuming. You may also physically injure yourself if you try to move all your property on your own, and you run the risk of losing revenue by delaying your reopening if you try to handle the move yourself.

Companies such as 495Movers specialize in packing, transporting, storing, and delivering your property. 495 Movers handle commercial moves and emphasize efficiency to ensure your business can reopen as soon as possible. 495 Movers also offer junk removal services, so you won’t need to contact a second company to remove trash when you’re cleaning out your old location. You can also take advantage of their storage facilities to store your property if there’s a gap of time between vacating your old premises and reopening at your new location.

Update your shop’s product and features.


Moving is the perfect time to introduce new products and features. You can begin the process of transforming your shop by holding a pre-move sale at your old location. Selling off old stock will reduce the amount of property you need to move to your new location.

Relocating also offers the perfect opportunity to upgrade your store’s features. Google “top quality salon chairs” to find a vendor who can supply you with new salon chairs or barber chairs for your salon. Whether your clients are having their nails done or getting their hair cut or styled, installing new salon chairs can ensure your clients have a comfortable experience. New chairs also come with a warranty, which means you won’t have to worry about incurring repair or replacement costs right after moving.

Communicate with your patrons.


Make sure your clients know you’re moving. You can communicate directly with people when they visit your business and use a pre-move sale to highlight your relocation plans. Put up posters and, if appropriate, include flyers with your new business location when you bag purchases for customers.

Use your social media channels to inform your clients. Email newsletters with moving updates to ensure your patrons know when you’ll be shutting down your current location and reopening at the new site—post updates on your company’s social media accounts. If you haven’t used social media to communicate, you should start as soon as you decide to move to a new business site.

Hold a grand reopening event.

Draw attention to the date you’re opening your new store location by hosting a special event. You may opt to have a ribbon-cutting ceremony and offer specials to entice customers to visit your new shop that day. Options include door crasher specials, which are deep discounts of specific products for a limited period throughout the day.

You can also hold grand reopening sales and offer products and services for discounted prices for an extended period. If you used social media to promote your reopening, you might have offered coupons for free merchandise or services that consumers can redeem during your reopening week. In addition, you can make your reopening memorable by offering free food, having a local band play music in your location, and including games and prizes for customers.

Moving your established business can be challenging, but you can simplify the moving process by hiring professional movers and finding a new location that meets customer needs more effectively. Plan for a successful move by communicating clearly with your clients, using your reopening to offer specials, and installing new features and equipment your clients will love.