You’re not alone if you think your bathroom could use a few touch-ups or even a complete remodel. You’ll eventually get tired of the way it looks, and both aesthetic and structural repairs will be necessary from time to time. If you’ve been considering a bathroom makeover for a while, it’s time to unite functionality with beauty and create what could be your new favorite retreat in the house.

This article will tell you what you should and shouldn’t do to have your bathroom exactly how you want it, without missing the most important aspects of remodeling. Keep reading to learn more.

Do: Keep Your Budget in Mind

A bathroom remodel can be a considerable investment—hence some people would rather leave it alone. Often, a full “dream bathroom” remodel could be out of reach depending on how much you’re willing to spend. While that’s frustrating, you could still take the opportunity to make a few noticeable changes here and there.

Of course, if you want to change the look and feel of your bathroom completely, you should know that a lot of thought and savings go into it. Once you have an idea of what you want the bathroom to look like, the contractor of your choice should give you an estimate after a few days.

Even if you can’t afford a complete remodel at the moment, you should put the necessary and most realistic changes first and come back to the rest later.

Don’t: Forget About Storage

It’s essential that your new bathroom matches your decorating style. However, you shouldn’t give up comfort for aesthetics—and comfort is synonymous with increased space, don’t you think?

A great solution would be a small bathroom vanity with lots of storage, and there are a lot of stylish options to choose from. This way, you’ll be saving space while still having enough storage for all of your supplies. No need to keep anything on the sink and risk not having enough room to wash and groom.

Do: Have More Than One Source of Inspiration

It’s much easier to visualize what you want your dream bathroom to look like when you have a clear, tangible picture of it. But don’t just choose one photo from a magazine/website to make a final decision. Instead, mix colors, elements, and even the smallest of details from multiple choices to come up with something that’s uniquely yours. There’s a reason why the word here is “inspiration”, and not “imitation”.

Don’t: Overlook the Details

It’s easy to get caught up in the big picture when the details are actually what make a difference in the end. Think about the main detail of any room as a “focal point”—the element that will catch the eye first. In your bathroom, the focal point could be an elegant mirror, a stylish bathtub, or of course, a functional yet striking vanity. You could also add a feature wall that stands out from the rest of the tiles in color and texture.

Do: Think Beyond Neutrals

Yes, neutral colors are elegant and add to the modern appeal of any room, but there’s no harm in a little color. Even if you’re renovating just a few aspects of your bathroom, there are a lot of incredible designs you can create just by changing the color of a few elements, such as the cabinets, walls, shower curtains, and the bathtub, if you have one. The secret here is not being afraid to be bold and experiment with a colorful yet pleasant palette.

Don’t: Make it Easy for Moisture

There’s no point in repainting a bathroom if excess moisture could ruin the job all over again. That’s why if your bathroom doesn’t have windows, you should consider installing them. Another option is to install floor heat—it will keep the bathroom warm and reduce moisture at the same time. The whole point is to avoid more costly repairs in the future.