Tackling a DIY project can be fun and rewarding. Whether you’d like to complete a home improvement project or just make a fun piece of art for the living room, these five tips will help you finish something fun and useful.

Ask people for advice.

Before you start any DIY project, ask other people for advice. Talk with people on a digital forum and see how they completed the project you’d like to tackle. Chances are someone else who ran into a few problems and will know how you can troubleshoot or avoid any issues. This could be invaluable information when you’re struggling to complete your kitchen’s backsplash. Gather as much information as you can before you start your project and you’ll breeze through it.

Pick a project that suits your state of mind

If you’re looking for integrative behavioral treatment in Staten Island, crafting and DIY might be great for your mental health. Many people use projects like these to reduce depression and anxiety. If you’re crafting to self-soothe, you don’t want a complicated or difficult project. Leave roofing the shed for another day. Pick an easy project that you know how to do already. Maybe you love to knit or cross-stitch. When you’re ready to pick a DIY activity, go for one that will make you feel happier and healthier and leave the difficult tasks for another day.

Gather all your materials and tools before you start

The good thing about many DIY projects is that you often have access to everything you need already, especially if you’ve been stocking up on craft supplies. Before you start any tasks, gather all your materials and tools. You don’t want to be halfway through making a pillow when you realize you’re out of stuffing. Get everything together before you start and your project will go smoothly. You might even want to download a few useful apps before you begin your task to help you. Take advantage of the digital tools out there and see how they make your job quicker and more fun.

Don’t overestimate your skills

When you have a lot of free time at home, you might be tempted to tackle projects that are out of your abilities. Don’t overestimate your skills and start working on a home DIY task that you won’t be able to finish or make look great. Mistakes with home repair or upgrades could end up costing you a lot when someone has to come and undo what you’ve accomplished. You’ll end up wasting time and money because you thought you could re-calk the bathroom or install new kitchen counters. Stick with tasks you’ve done before and know you have the skills to complete.

Have a designated DIY space

Crafts can be messy. If you don’t want hot glue or glitter all over your living room rug, create a designated DIY area. This might be a corner of the basement or a craft table in your home office. Having a specific area will help you create less mess while also providing you with a place for all your tools and supplies. You won’t have to wander through the house looking for your good scissors or fabric. Keep your materials neat and working in your DIY room. Plus, if you don’t have the energy to finish a project, you can leave it right there and come back to it the next day. Your DIY space can be where you retreat for alone time, so make it pretty and comforting.

Completing a DIY project can be wonderful for your mental health. Follow these five tips and you’ll breeze through each task.