Home renovations or remodeling projects can cost homeowners an estimated $46,777 on average, according to compiled data from HomeAdvisor. The entire home renovation or remodeling costs vary depending on each room’s size, the materials used, the house’s years of age, any underlying problems, the extent of jobs needed, and the contractors consulted for specific projects.

With travel restrictions and CDC recommendations caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, more homeowners are less likely to book flights or pay for winter getaways and hotel rooms, freeing up more funds to cover home improvement remodeling jobs. Homeowners surveyed recently reported an increased interest in home improvement. The survey results reveal that an estimated 76 percent of homeowners won’t travel during the holidays, while 28 percent will use the winter months to conduct home improvement projects to make their places more comfortable and energy-efficient.

Listed below are four home renovations and improvements that can make the winter months more comfortable.

1. Get your roof repaired or a full roof replacement.

Living in places such as Colorado, where winter brings precipitation like snow, ice, and hail presents homeowners with the duty of preparing their homes for severely low temperatures and other environmental conditions. Several disruptions can accompany winter weather, including storms that result in power outages and losses, frozen pipes, and debris and precipitation that can damage residential roofs and lead to their collapse.

Homeowners should make sure their roofs remain durable and in good condition throughout the year, but performing specific roof maintenance acts ahead of winter should be a top priority. It can help protect property exteriors against roof damage and various types of destruction, giving people peace of mind. A good idea for safeguarding your roof ahead of winter is trimming any trees above it. If heavy snowfall weighs down branches over your home, they could break off and fall onto your roof, potentially damaging it. Another way to prepare your roof for winter is to clean away dirt, dead leaves, and other debris forms. Cleaning the roof is essential because debris can cause rotting or mildew formation amid snow moisture.


After cleaning the roof, it’s crucial to have it inspected for cracks, leaks, damaged or missing shingles, and other roofing issues. If melting snow, ice, or rain runs through holes in your roof, it can cause more damage that could require expensive repairs or a roof replacement.

Homeowners and business owners can winterize their respective residential roofs and commercial roofs more efficiently by utilizing professional installation services offered by roofing contractors with expert roofing system knowledge. Denver roofers—such as Metro City Roofing Services—with years of experience in roof repair and maintenance—can provide people in the greater Denver area, Loveland, Fort Collins, or Colorado Springs with high-quality roofs that can appropriately protect their properties during winter. This roofing contractor employs elite roofing technicians that specialize in replacing missing or broken tile shingles, waterproofing exteriors, refinishing roof coatings, and cleaning debris from gutters.

This Denver area roofing contractor can handle repairs and full replacements of various roof types: metal roofs, slate roofs, tile roofs, asphalt shingles, or flat roofs. With this roofing contractor, customers get a free inspection before they get a durable roof repaired or installed. Roofing specialists at this Denver roofing contractor do an excellent job with each roofing project and provide excellent customer service. Their great service to customers, years of experience, and understanding of a new roof’s installation process allows them to demonstrate their position as the best roofers. They provide consistent reliability in their roof work that earns Better Business Bureau (BBB) recognition. It’s crucial to consult a roofing company with such accreditations and certifications when living in an area with extreme winter weather conditions.

2. Ensure your heating system is good to go.

Depending on your home’s location, you might find it challenging to stay warm and keep your home toasty during the long winter months. Throughout the winter months, you’ll rely on your heating system more than your air conditioner. Having a working heater is crucial to staying comfortable when cold weather hits because your body can lose a lot of heat from your head, impacting your core body temperature and extremities. With cooler temperatures, your chances of getting a bacterial or viral infection, or catching a cold, are higher.

To guarantee your heating system will function well when you need it most, have it serviced regularly. Consulting professionals at a great company and scheduling preventive maintenance check-ups and inspections of your heating system, furnace, and thermostat ahead of winter can prevent small and large problems when temperatures drop.


Upgrading your heating system with a professional tune-up can enhance its energy efficiency in a way that reduces your heating costs. This process follows the same principle as having your air conditioner serviced amid the summer months’ humidity and hot temperatures. Expert technicians can do a great job protecting your air and heating system through routine maintenance, repairs, installations, replacements, and seasonal and annual tune-ups.

3. Upgrade your home’s water supply.

Your home needs clean water to fulfill your water needs, such as cooking, drinking, and making hot beverages. The cold air that accompanies winter months is likely to encourage you to make hot foods like chili, stews, soups, and porridge. Using clean water and cooking hot meals at home removes the need to go out to restaurants, enabling you to save money and avoid going out into cold air. Likewise, you may drink hot beverages like coffee or hot chocolate to warm your core.

Homeowners can meet these water needs and improve their home’s water quality by finding the most suitable water filtration systems for home water supply. Connecting high-quality water filtration to your home’s current water supply is the best way to help reduce potentially harmful contaminants or impurities.


A carbon filter water system or reverse osmosis system, for instance, does great work reducing water contaminants such as chlorine, bacterial cysts, and sediment. It’s in people’s best interest to get this filter system type if their plumbing causes their faucet source for tap water to contain rust and strong odors. This filter type can provide cleaner water for the whole house.

This filtration system equipment receives regular servicing and maintenance by a professional team of filtration experts. It filters water first, then dispenses it. This process improves water taste, making it healthier and more refreshing.

4. Install a home entertainment system.

The winter months can seem like a time of hibernation in which we stay inside in the comfortable warmth of our homes and avoid the cold weather. When individuals and families remain at home more, they’re more likely to rely on television, movies, and music services for entertainment. Upgrading aspects of your home theater or an entertainment system, such as your speakers, touch screen tablet or laptop connectivity, and other technological solutions can make watching your favorite programs at home more fun and efficient.

A robust home control system, such as the Control4 Home Automation system, can optimize your entertainment experience. Control4 Smart Home OS technology enables people to increase their space’s personalization, offering several individualized features and capabilities, available by voice command or your fingertips. This new product in smart home technology—a modern, intuitive automation system—is high-quality yet straightforward, reliable, and user-friendly.

As a result, this home automation equipment can contribute to a more personalized smart home, enabling you to more efficiently control your video and audio equipment, shading and lighting mechanisms, climate control solutions, security systems, and other home appliances.

Winterizing homes by making these renovations and upgrades allows homeowners to bring the vibes of a new home to their familiar places, making them more comfortable and enjoyable.