Off-market real estate is properties that are not currently listed for sale. They are properties that an individual or company owns, and they may be bank-owned or owned by an investment group. The property is not listed for sale for some reason, but it also may not be actively utilized. Off-market deals are when properties are bought and sold without being listed for sale.

Whether a property is bought off-market or not has no real consequence on its value as an investment property. Experienced real estate investors see the abundance of properties when looking at both on-market and off-market properties. Depending on the property, you can use it as a personal residence, property flip, rental property, or other business opportunities.

Here are three ways to find off-market real estate.

1. Work with a realtor who understands your goals.


Suppose you are working with a realtor who understands you are looking for off-market real estate for possible investment. In that case, they will keep an eye out for properties that may come available, empty properties, or properties that owners may be willing to sell even though they are off-market. Off market real estate deals may be perfect for the real estate investor, seller, real estate agent, and broker, as everyone benefits from the agreement. A practice real estate agent will have no problem reaching out to property owners to see if they are interested in or willing to sell their property. In some cases, it’s as simple as they didn’t want to go through the hassle of selling, but if they have an interested buyer, they’re willing.

2. Observe the neighborhoods you want to buy in.


If you have a target market you want to own property in, drive around that area. Get familiar with the available properties and the properties that aren’t available but fit what you are looking for. When you have a list of properties you are interested in, go to your county auditor’s website to learn more about them. You can find out who owns the property, its tax value, the entire history of the property being bought and sold, and other information, such as exact size and features. You can narrow down the list even more to the properties you are specifically interested in buying based on the additional information. You can then give that list to your real estate agent and ask them if they can work out a deal with the owners to sell the properties.

3. Use word of mouth to get referrals.


Let friends, family, and colleagues know what types of properties you are looking for so they can let you know if they see or hear about an exciting deal. Some people may be hesitant, thinking that the people they talk to might get a great deal instead of them. However, if it is a property you didn’t know about, you wouldn’t have gotten it anyway. Additionally, there is an abundance of properties to be bought and sold. If you miss out on one deal, dozens of others will take its place. Real estate investing is ideal for those willing to take the risk because of the abundance of opportunities.

Real estate investing offers an incredibly profitable opportunity to grow wealth. You can invest as a side gig or make it your full-time income. Profit from real estate investing comes from selling properties or renting them for a profit. There is a significant amount of financial risk, as you are investing in properties with the hope of turning a profit. However, with the suitable investment and decisions with the profit, there is an excellent reward with that risk.