Moving into your new home stirs up many emotions. The moving process can be a complete hassle, yet it’s exciting at the same time. Naturally, to ease the burdens associated with moving, you want to have the right movers to assist you—particularly if you have a large family and many belongings.

By hiring a moving company, you can gain some much-needed peace of mind regarding the safety of your valuables. Their presence can also help eliminate the stress involved in any type of move you’re undertaking. However, you may not enjoy these advantages if you don’t take the early steps to hire the right professionals who offer the standard of service you require. Here are three tips you should consider when choosing movers.

Get recommendations from reliable sources.


The good news is that you’re probably not the first person in your family, workplace, or social circle who needs a moving company’s services. Ask family, friends, and colleagues to recommend moving services they’ve used within your locality. This would give you insight into a good or bad experience they’ve had with an otherwise reputable company that you may have considered hiring. It could also enlighten you to extra charges they had to pay, which weren’t listed on their website. However, companies such as Solomon & Sons Relocation are highly recommended by many in the city of Ft. Lauderdale.

Solomon & Sons Relocation is a moving company in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Since 2014, this team of professional movers has provided homes and businesses across South Florida with superior relocation and storage solutions. They provide services such as long-distance moves, commercial moves, local moves, packing services, short or long-term storage solutions, and much more.

Always conduct thorough research.

While seeking recommendations is a good start, you shouldn’t ignore your role in the process. Take the time to conduct thorough research on the various moving companies recommended to you or those you may be interested in hiring. During your research, you should consider a variety of factors. The first is the reputation of the company. You would want to use a company that provides hassle-free services, uses great care in handling your belongings, and offers excellent customer services. You should also consider the experience of the moving company.

Suppose you’re living in a busy school district, next to a Catholic high school. You would want to hire a moving crew that knows the right method of coordinating the move without disrupting parents collecting children on a Friday afternoon. A company with fewer years of experience would be unreliable to meet several of your moving requirements. You can gain the information above through the company’s “reviews and comments” section or any other online reviews page.

Carry out license and insurance checks.

It may seem more comfortable and cheaper to have your brother, cousin, or friend come to help you move your possessions. However, this may create more problems than it solves. Their inexperience in carrying a heavy load, for one, maybe a problem. Another is that this may lead to disagreements and ruined relationships if something should happen to your property during the move. Interstate and local movers are required by law to be licensed and insured to fit the business. This makes them legally liable for any damage done to you and your property when you hire their services. Ensure that the movers you want to hire are licensed and insured by the U.S Department of Transport by searching their unique USDOT number in a database provided by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Moving involves a lot of hard work. These three tips should help you choose a move coordinator that’s guaranteed to give you excellent customer satisfaction and value for money.