Ideally, when you buy a new house, you want it to be move-in ready, but that is not always the case. You may need to do renovations just to make it functional. Other times it may be livable, but not really what you want. It’s normal when you buy a house to want changes that make it feel like your own once you live there.

Many renovations you can do after you are moved in and settled because they won’t drastically disrupt your daily life. For example, after you move in, it’s not a big deal to renovate bedrooms one at a time, finish a basement, or update a family room. You may also choose to do smaller projects after you move in, like changing out light fixtures or adding an outdoor space.

However, some renovations are very disruptive and are best completed before moving in. These are the renovations that will make going about your day-to-day activities difficult, if not impossible. They are also the renovations that will take an extended period. Disruption and duration are the two key factors. A project that is only disruptive for a short period or a project that takes a while but causes minimal disruption can be accomplished after you move in.

Here are three renovations to complete before you move in due to their potential disruption and duration.

1. Kitchen Renovation

For many people, the kitchen is the central hub of their home. It is a space for cooking, baking, gathering, sharing, chatting, and enjoying time with family. You want your kitchen to be both functional and inviting to meet all of your needs. The type fo renovations needed will, of course, depend on the type of kitchen already there and the type of kitchen you want. Due to the necessary daily access to your kitchen to feed your family, renovations need to be done before you move in. In addition to making an essential room unavailable, kitchen renovations often require the involvement of contractors such as plumbers and electricians. Depending on the extent of the renovation, you may also need a carpenter, general contractor, a flooring specialist, or a cabinet installation specialist. If you are working with contractors, you will need to work with their schedules, which may mean having to wait a few days or weeks for the work to get done.


2. Bathroom Renovation

The bathroom is arguably the most essential room in the house. While living without a functioning kitchen can be frustrating, it is doable for a short period. You cannot live in a home without a working bathroom. Now, if there are multiple bathrooms and you are only renovating one or only renovating one at a time, you can make due, but it’s still frustrating. Similarly to kitchens, bathroom renovations often require help from professional contractors, which means you’ll be working on their schedules. When going through a bathroom renovation, there will be times the water will need to be shut off, which is also disruptive.

3. Interior Painting


Painting the interior of a home means taking down anything that is hung up, removing all the fixtures and plate covers, moving all of the furniture, and covering the flooring. While it isn’t impossible to paint while living in a home, it is highly disruptive and time-consuming. You will have to move slowly, painting one room at a time since you will need to pack up each room before painting, and then put everything back after painting. When the house is still empty, you can get everything painting quickly, without having to move anything, or worry about getting paint on any of your furniture or belongings.