Do you want to work in the construction industry? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to open your own construction firm. Maybe you’re more inclined towards building homes. The entirety of a home building project seems like a thrill and you want to be the one to build other people’s dream homes for them. If some of these things resonate with you, then maybe it’s time to get the right education and preparation for the job.

Like most jobs, you will need skills and a college degree to open your own home building company. Each state will have different permit requirements, so before you jump into a degree, be sure to know what those requirements are. The proper education will open the doors to bigger opportunities within the industry that can even lead you to open your own company.

Here are some of the most common college degrees home builders pursue.

1. Construction Science and Management


Many home builders take on the challenge of completing a bachelors degree in construction science and management. These degrees are designed to equip builders with the right tools to go through the entire process of building a house. They take courses like physics, construction contracts, and principles of economics, and are required to have a minor in business administration to fulfill the program.

Those who earn this degree can go on to design Hamptons homes like the ones built by KIBA Built. They offer clients beautiful home designs with classic Hamptons-styles and French doors. They include weatherboard cladding, airy spaces, fireplaces, and classy colors that convey the signature Hamptons look. Their experts will provide clients with the utmost professional service and their custom build designers will transform their dreams into reality.

2. Civil Engineering


Another degree many home builders earn is a bachelor’s in civil engineering. Civil engineering is the discipline that implements construction, design, and maintenance of a physically and naturally built environment. These environments are often bridges, roads, airports, buildings, and of course, homes. Practicing civil engineers apply physics, mathematics, project management, and design into their work and often proceed to creating their own companies rather than work for others. Their undergraduate degree can also be complemented with a master’s degree in management, transportation infrastructure, and materials. Civil engineers can provide professional advice regarding land and structure matters as well as the location or zoning of a structure. So being a civil engineer will automatically give you the discernment to detect a bad land from a good one.

3. Architect


Lastly, home builders are often designers who want to bring their ideas to life. In the professional world, architects are often the designers who determine what a building will look like, which is then presented to the civil engineer to proceed with its construction. As an architect, you will need to have drawing skills, which can be acquired with lots of practice. They draw out their ideas rather than write therm down. They can also design homes, bridges, museums, parks, and other things.

To earn a degree in architecture, you must study in an accredited institution and become licensed as an architect. This may include training that’s often completed during an internship. These visionaries often grow up as art enthusiasts in school and may find themselves lost as they go into college. Those who feel lost when trying to decide on a career can visit counselling companies like Empowerly for guidance. They provide counseling services for students to help them find the right career path and fill out the necessary college application documentation so the student can rest assured they’re on their way to professional greatness.

Earning a college degree in any of these fields can open the door to opening a home building company.